Trivia / Moby

  • Creator Breakdown: After the failure of Animal Rights, Moby spent many sleepless drunken nights writing the songs that would appear on Play.
  • Doing It for the Art: Long Ambients 1 was originally created for Moby's personal listening; he subsequently made it available to download and stream at absolutely no cost.
  • Old Shame: In various interviews, Moby has stated that Hotel is his least favorite work of his discography.
    "I like some of the songs, but I produce it in such a generic way, that I was really kinda disappointed with myself as a producer and as a musician."
    • His first self-titled album as well; It was rushed to to release without Moby's knowledge, and mostly consisted of old work. He refused to acknowledge it for a while, but since then he's lightened up and sometimes still plays tracks from it live.
      • Also a case of Critical Dissonance, as many critics going backwards through his discography have called it his best album.
    • Surprisingly subverted by Animal Rights, despite the fact that it nearly killed his career. In an installment of Noisey's Rank Your Records feature, he even went as far as naming it his personal favorite out of all of his albums.
  • One-Hit Wonder: While having many hits overseas, "Southside" was the only track of his to ever chart in the US.