Awesome / Midnight Club

Midnight Club: Street Racing

  • Some of the cars you can drive vary from low riders to muscle cars to prototype exotics to FREAKING SNOWPLOW TAXI CABS WITH TWO SUPERCHARGERS! did we also mention that the Zender Type S is a hovercar? with no wheels!
  • Both New York and London are filled with jumps that will send your car soaring.
  • Some of the races have you racing against the clock while being pursued by a large number of police.

Midnight Club II

  • In addition to awesome new cars, Rockstar added sport bikes as well.
  • They also added a rocket-powered car too.
  • Activating the nitrous boost will literally shoot purple flames out of your car's exhaust.
  • Activating the cheat code "savethekids" will give your car a rocket launcher and a machine gun.
  • Apparently, L.A., Paris, and Tokyo are filled with ramps that allow cars to jump over rivers, over buildings, and from one building to another.

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

  • Now, we have awesome licensed cars such as the McLaren F1 LM, the Lamborghini Murciélago, Dodge Viper, and Lotus Esprit.
  • In addition, Rockstar added custom choppers in the game too.
  • Activating the nitrous still has flames shoot out of the exhaust. However, this time, you can now change the color of those flames.
  • Want to add neon and spinners to your new exotic? Go ahead because you can in this game.
  • Many races have even larger jumps in them.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

  • All convertibles in the game have active tops that you can raise and lower at will.
  • You can now race cars such as the Lamborghini Miura, Ford GT, and Audi R8 in this game.
  • Rockstar has also added free roam police chases.