Awesome / Michael Jackson

MJ was pretty much the textbook definition of a pop legend. And with legends come awesome moments.

  • The first Moonwalk Dance he did in 1983, which introduced the world to his signature dance. [1]
    • Speaking of dances, in the video for "Smooth Criminal", he pulls off the "Anti-gravity" lean, where he leans very far forward while staying in one place. In the video, the effect was simply achieved by hidden wires, but for live performances, Jackson himself patented a mechanism where the performer would wear special shoes that attached to pegs on the stage, allowing a dancer to perform this move. But even then, it still required good core strength.
  • His recorded output is so chock full of incredible pop music, it has its own page. It's a lot.
  • ANY VIDEO he did was an event of their own. Check 'em out on YouTube and you will understand why.
    • The mother of 'em all is "Thriller," considered one of the most influential music videos ever made - with all the production value of a classic zombie movie, the sequence when Michael becomes a zombie and does a huge choreographed dance with the other zombies in particular is some seriously iconic stuff. For a brief period, they went so far as to give the video a theatrical release as a short film, ahead of Fantasia.note 
  • Although it was unfortunate that the second concert took place on the night before 9/11, his 30th anniversary concerts at Madison Square Garden were amazing. Slash, Usher, Destiny's Child, and Whitney Houston also perform at the event and Michael reunites with his brothers onstage for the first time in 17 years. Keep in mind that this was his first full concert in the continental United States since the Bad tour.
    • Since we're on the topic of concerts, any MJ concert was an absolute spectacle.
  • The 1993 Super Bowl Halftime show. It may be a bit bare bones today compared to the newer Super Bowl halftimes, but keep in mind, before this, you either had college marching bands or crappy no-name singing groups performing.
  • Michael Jackson rarely cursed in public; but when a news photographer shoved one of his fans to the ground in an effort to get closer to the singer, Michael snapped at him, "No, no, don't you touch my fans! Fuck you!" It really shows that Michael really loves and respects his fans.
  • Michael and his sound team helped compose the soundtrack to Sonic the Hedgehog 3, to the point where a 16-bit version of "Black or White" was to be included in the soundtrack, but legal issues prevented this. Although Jackson ended up going uncredited due to him being unhappy of the limited audio capabilities of the Sega Genesis, his tracks are still there (although the only song confirmed so far to be explicitly composed by Jackson being Carnival Night Zone) and many parts of each song are either heavily sampled from or inspired by his Dangerous album and standalone tracks. The credits theme also became the instrumental basis for "Stranger in Moscow".