Funny / Michael Jackson

  • Eating popcorn in the Thriller video. The blissful smile makes it ten times better. (But of course many of you know that thanks to Memetic Mutation.)
  • "Smooth Criminal" from Bad, especially in the Moonwalker cut is a mix of Coolness and Funniness.
  • The first entertainer getting thrown to the crocodiles in the music video of Remember The Time from Dangerous.
  • The father being blasted to Africa by Macaulay Culkin's radio sound in the music video of Black or White from Dangerous. Plus, said father is played by George Wendt.
  • In the music video for Jam, after showing Michael Jordan botching a dunk, it then cuts to Jackson casually tossing a basketball over his shoulder and kicking it—with his back to the hoop, mind you—and it goes in nothing-but-net. Jackson is thrilled; Jordan just kind of looks at him in disbelief.
    • Also, both during and after the video, Jackson trying to teach Jordan how to dance and moonwalk. It doesn't go so well.
  • The cross eyed faces he makes in Michael Jackson's Ghosts. Even funnier in the B-Rolls.
  • Kenny Ortega giving some directions to an assistant as they're testing a cherry picker for the "Beat It" number and nonchalantly scolding Michael for not holding on to the railing in This Is It.
  • The ending of the "Speed Demon" video, where he's given a ticket for being in a "No Michael Jackson-ing Zone." Especially the way the cop asks for his autograph as both literal and figurative.