Awesome / Mega Man ZX

  • Ashe gets her own moment of awesome and Establishing Character Moment at the beginning of ZX Advent. She jumps straight off her ship, and lands at the back of the Raider's fleet, having fallen at least a kilometer - and she's human, though with a few mechanical enhancements (the protaganists in every other sub-series are robotic, except the BN/Star Force guys). Talk about being cocky. After her comrades remark that she should have waited until they were at the front, she simply fights her way through a force of mavericks across the fleet, takes out a boss, all doing this with a simple blaster pistol, encounters Prometheus, and is backed up by her fellow hunters. Though, they get their asses kicked, which is understandable. But Ashe survives against the series' resident Psycho for Hire, and is implied to have survived a multi-kilometer drop afterwards. Talk about an Action Girl.
    • The other hunters also get one directly afterwards, when you discover that they not only survived, they stole the Biometal right out from under Prometheus's nose. Red Shirts? I think not.
      • Really, every time you beat a boss with Ashe or Grey without using Model A or A-Trans, that's practically a CMOA for you.
  • When Grey/Ashe encounters Albert in the lair with all the Model Ws, it becomes the CMOA for Prometheus and Pandora, as Prometheus mocks Albert, and kills him then and there, and then gives off an awesome speech about Albert being scum, the Game of Destiny being a complete and pointless farce, and Pandora and his new plan to destroy everything. Then, Albert gets his own crowning moment when Prometheus and Pandora's anger and hate are absorbed into Model W, and Albert teleports in, remarking that they both ended up as Unwitting Pawns for his plan. There's a reason why Albert is a Magnificent Bastard.
    • Besides the "Just as I planned" quote... The similarities between Albert and Light are staggering.
  • Barring the special Transformation Sequence in Advent, Vent/Aile gets one in ZX after Serpent merges with the Model W Core and goes on about the Game of Destiny. A bit of a lecture from the six Biometals and a ZX Megamerge later, Serpent tells him/her that it's time to decide which of them gets to rule the world. The response? "I don't care about ruling the world! If you're the Mega Man destined to rule the world, then I'm the Mega Man that's destined to save it!" Cue the final boss battle and all the asskicking that comes with it — including the entire destruction of Slither Inc. HQ.
  • Right at the end of ZX Advent, Albert and the protagonists get their own ones. He's beaten, on the floor, and Ashe/Grey tells him off in their own way. Albert's reply? "You can have your peace... And rot in it!" (The quote itself and what comes before varies between characters.) Then he explodes. What a way to go.
  • One for the Big Bad of ZXA. Albert is hard enough on normal mode, but can be somewhat made easier with Chronoforce's Time Bomb. The developers apparently knew about this trick, and, for the hard mode of Albert's fight, and only the hard mode of Albert's fight, the boss has the perfect counter for Time Bomb. It's Time Bomb. That's right, when Albert said his A-Trans was perfect, he didn't just mean he had the powers of the Megamen; he had the powers of all the Pseudoroids too. If you use Time Bomb on him, he will instantly throw one right back at you, cancelling the effect. You can't cheat through this fight, making it a true test of everything the player has learned playing this game.
  • When Grey/Ashe approaches the Final Boss door, the Enemy Mega Men intercept them. Then Aile/Vent come to the rescue, telling Grey/Ashe to proceed while s/he holds off all four of them at once.
    • And after Grey/Ashe defeats Albert, he/she collapses. In the outside, Model X tells Aile/Vent to help Grey/Ashe out of the place. S/he hesitates, but then Model Z demerges from her/his body, telling her/him to go help Grey/Ashe and using his hidden power to suppress the Enemy Mega Men's Biometals, making them fall to their knees. Even as a biometal, Zero is still a badass.
    Model Z: Today's not my day to meet my maker.
  • The secret ending of ZXA reveals you were all pawns in Master Thomas's game.
  • Canon or not, is nobody going to mention the lovely fight with Omega Zero in ZX? I'd say it's a CMOA for both parties.
  • It might not be the mightiest A-Trans to use, and it can be rather cumbersome. But there has to be SOME joy derived out of simply using Bifrost. Even better if you pit the beast against the mini-bosses: anyone up for Giant Fire Breathing Snake vs. Giant Ice-and-Buzzsaw Spitting Crocodile?