Awesome: MapleStory

  • The Banned Story animators get one when the creator of it got sent a cease and desist letter, causing him to shut down the simulator. Outraged, hundreds of Banned Story animators formed a petition, made countless videos, emailed Nexon, sent tickets, the works, and but a few days later, Nexon America announced that they were working to get the cease and desist letter removed. Nicely done, animators.
  • Any time a superboss is legitimately defeated for the first time. Pink Bean especially.
  • Almost every anime cutscene features the characters doing something awesome.
    • Mercedes features her and Freud charging through the Temple of Time and ends with the two of them face to face with the Black Mage.
    • The Demon faces off against the Black Mage alone, and though he doesn't win, he does do enough damage for the Heroes to seal him.
    • Phantom features him exposing Hilla's plot to usurp Cygnus and managing to trick everyone present into thinking he's at full power.
    • Luminous, much like the Demon, faces off against the Black Mage. However, his fight ends with the Black Mage sealed up (at the cost of being corrupted by darkness though).
    • Kaiser's cutscene features the previous Kaiser making a Last Stand against Magnus. To put things into perspective, Kaiser was poisoned in a sneak attack and Magnus is also backed up by a huge army of spectres. He goes down fighting, giving Magnus his scar and his chopped off horn and performing a Taking You with Me, wiping out the entire army of spectres. Too bad Magnus took the Kaiserium.
    • Xenon manages to fight off Beryl until Gelimer attempts to retake control of him.
    • Hayato's cutscene is awesome not for what Hayato did so much as it was for Oda Nobunaga for No Selling Hayato's attacks.
    • Kanna handily defeats Mori Ranmaru and stops the ritual which would make Nobunaga into The Sixth Sky Demon King.
    • The Cygnus Awakens cutscene features Cygnus awakening to her power so that she can revive Shinsoo.
    • The RED explorer cutscene could easily be mistaken for an anime opening complete with the explorers showing their stuff to an awesome vocal arrangement, ending with a shot of the explorers facing off against the Black Mage.
  • Black Heaven has a few of these:
    • Orca/Orchid using Suu/Lotus's power to save Edelstein from Black Heaven's bombs.
    • The player get one when they, while badly poisoned, launch Gelimer into the air to be blown up by his own Generoids.
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