Awesome / Led Zeppelin

  • The 1975 Earls Court shows including "In My Time of Dying", "Trampled Under Foot", "Stairway To Heaven".
    • The final show at Earls Court, which took place on May 25, could be the most awesome show in Led Zeppelin history. They went for 223 minutes and played twenty songs. Thankfully footage and audio are readily available online.
  • John Paul Jones' piano solo in "No Quarter" during the 1977 North American Tour.
  • The performance of "Kashmir" at the Tribute concert to Atlantic Records founder and president Ahmet Ertegun at the O2 Arena, December 2007 with John Bonham's son Jason at the drums.
  • The performance of "Achilles Last Stand" at Knebworth.
  • The version of "Whole Lotta Love" played at the 1979 Knebworth concerts.
  • Every time John Bonham played his signature drum solo "Moby Dick". Its 20 minutes of awesome drumming goodness.
  • The double-kicks you hear on "Good Times Bad Times"? They were done with a single pedal. While not as remarkable now, back in 1969, this was considered amazing, especially considering Bonzo was imitating what was originally done with a double-bass set.