Heartwarming / Led Zeppelin

  • The surviving members of Led Zeppelin receiving the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors and being paid tribute to by the band Heart performing "Stairway To Heaven" with John Bonham's son Jason playing the drums and a choir all wearing bowler hats like John. Robert Plant gets teary eyed as soon as the song begins and as it continues he and John Paul Jones exchange smiles and Jimmy Page is full of pride. All three are visibly moved by the end.
  • In the June 16, 2013note  edition of the comic strip Zits, Jeremy sees his father wearing a Moby Grape shirt. Jeremy removes his shirt to show that he has a Flaming Lips one on underneath. The father responds by taking off his Moby Grape shirt to show he has an Electric Prunes shirt underneath. Jeremy responds with a Black Keys shirt. Then they both take off those shirts to reveal Led Zeppelin shirts. They see that they are both wearing the same shirt and embrace.
  • Leading up to the reunion concert there was some debate among fans over whether or not the band would perform "Stairway to Heaven," as Robert Plant has been very vocal about no longer feeling passion for the song and not being interested in singing it. The song was indeed played with gusto at the show (to a standing ovation). The fact that he clearly enjoyed singing it despite his prior naysaying is a heartwarming moment in its own right but the real heartwarmer comes after the third verse ("In my thoughts I have seen...") when he omitted his traditional "Does anyone remember laughter?" adlib. Several fans in the audience sang it to him and he got a very large smile on his face.
  • "Going to California," the softest, sweetest ballad on an otherwise hard-rocking Led Zeppelin IV album, with the singer recovering from a bad breakup and thinking of going to California to find a woman he hopes would be his true love. Not so much an ode to passion or sex, but to hope that there's someone out there for him "with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair"... Plant has admitted the song is about Joni Mitchell, whom he crushed on back when he wrote the lyrics.