Awesome: Kushiel's Legacy

  • Anytime Joscelin draws his sword has the potential to be one of these, but the best is his fight against David de Rocaille in Kushiel's Chosen.
    • Also, when he challenges Waldemar Selig to a duel as a distraction so he can perform a Mercy Kill on himself and Phedre.
  • Ysandre's ride to the City of Elua at the end of Chosen.
  • Barquiel L'Envers charging out of Troyes-le-Mont to rescue Phedre and Joscelin from certain death, risking his life for members of his old enemy Delaunay's household.
    • He gets another one for Seizing the throne in Ysandre's name and holding the City of Elua against Percy de Somerville in Chosen.
    • Barquiel L'Envers also Kept the country together along with Alais when Ysandre was under Carthage's spell in Mercy. Ysandre gave him and Alais the Medal of Valour afterward to honor them.
  • The duel between Waldemar Selig and Isidore d'Aiglemort, with Isidore killing him and redeeming himself before he dies. Also counts as a Dying Momentof Awesome.

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