Characters / Kushiel's Legacy

The series has Loads and Loads of Characters. Here are some of them.

Terre D'Ange

  • House Courcel note 
  • House Trevalion note 
  • House L'Envers note 
  • House Mereliot note 
  • House Montrève note 
    • Montrève Retainers note 
  • House Shahrizai note 
  • House Verreuil note 
  • Other Nobility note 
  • Commoners
  • Court of Night Blooming Flowers
  • Priesthoods of Elua and his Companions


  • Cullach Gorrym (Folk of the Black Boar) note 
  • Tarbh Cro (Folk of the Red Bull) note 
  • Fhaliar Ban (Folk of the White Mare) note 
  • Eidlach Or (Folk of the Golden Hind)
  • Maghuin Dhonn (Folk of the Brown Bear) note 


Caerdicca Unitas

  • Stregazza note 
  • Priestesses of Asherat-of-the-Sea note 
  • Other Serenissimans note 
  • Tiberians note 
  • Luccans note 

Northern Europa


Eastern Europa



The Americas

Independent Organisations and Peoples

Religious Deities and Figures