Awesome / Kung-Fu Jesus

Awesome Moments from Let's Play aficionado Kung-Fu Jesus.

pokecapn's Mario Party Marathon

When reading these, know that with the exception of these instances, Kung-Fu Jesus was losing the entire marathon.
  • In Mario Party 2, Kung-Fu Jesus, who has been losing, lands on an item block and randomly gets a star.
  • In Mario Party 3, Kaz makes Bowser cast his Reverse Curse on everybody. When Kung-Fu Jesus's turn comes up, he goes and randomly discovers that he can just barely get a star. What makes it even more awesome is that the other three had been trying and failing the entire time.
    Medibot: Well played.
  • In Mario Party 7, thanks to a golden mushroom, Kung Fu Jesus makes his way to a star space and to its new location... twice in the same turn... on two separate occasions.
  • KFJ earning the most stars in Mario Party 7 (though losing due to the accumulation of stars over the play throughs). This is never mentioned by the posse, and he doesn't actually win, but he gains six stars over the course of the game more than even medibot, who collected five, including his bonus stars!

Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • The battle against Gorgyra in Part 33 is very intense, ending while the entire party's health is counting down incredibly quickly due to the Doom spell with the entire party unleashing everything they have on Gorgyra.
  • In Part 45, killing a Tonberry and capturing its essence. Kung-Fu Jesus notes that he was on the edge of his seat the whole time.