Awesome / IT

  • Christine's cameo, in which Henry Bowers drives her to the hotel where the Losers are sleeping at. It has to be read to be believed.
  • Beverly's beatdown of her abusive husband Tom at the beginning of the book. Also, especially as shown in the movie, a great bit of Foreshadowing for Beverly's later nearly killing IT with the slingshot. She has wicked aim.
  • IT killing Patrick Hockstetter. This comes in effect once you remember that he killed his younger brother, and tortures and kills animals.
  • The Loser's Club makes the self-appointed "eater of worlds and of children" plead for its life.
  • In a flashback sequence, Mike's father corners Henry's father with a shotgun after the latter poisoned his chickens. Mr. Hanlon gives him a fair warning to stay away from him and his family.
  • "This is battery acid, you slime!" The best part is that it works. A kid runs up to a world-devouring monster, sprays it with an inhaler, and burns off part of its face.
    • Even better in the book: "BATTERY ACID, FUCKNUTS!"
  • Richie, Ben and Bev's beatdown of and escape from Henry's gang outside the Aladdin. In fact, just about every time one of the Losers bests Henry, it's a little CMOA.
  • The Apocalyptic Rock-Fight has several smaller moments within in it.
    • The Losers can tell something's coming, but don't know what. At Stuttering Bill's command to "gather rocks", they all make big piles and nobody questions it.
    • The unquestioning acceptance of Mike Hanlon, and the instant recognition that he's a Loser too, even before any of them had actually met.
    • Ben's reaction to Beverly getting hit in the face with a rock.
  • Ben showing up his Jerk Ass high school coach for bullying him for being fat.
  • Richie's psychic rescue of Stuttering Bill when the latter can't quite complete the fight. That is, managing to tell jokes and complete the job of the Ritual of Chüd, while terrified out of his mind.
  • Each time Eddie stepped up and faced IT when the others were too afraid.
    "I'm doing the Mashed Potatoes all over it AND I GOT A BROKEN ARM!"