Awesome / It's a Good Life

  • Regardless of the fact that he's drunk and that Anthony is a three year old child, Dan Hollis standing up to Anthony DEMANDING he be allowed to have singing on his birthday AND calling him out as a monster, Do Not Taunt Cthulhu be damned, it was pretty awesome. At least before Anthony turns him into an Eldritch Abomination (in the TZ episode he's turned into a Jack-In-The-Box) and sends him to the cornfield.
  • In "It's Still A Good Life", any time Anthony's daughter successfully manipulates her father so he won't hurt anyone. One could argue that her sending everyone to the cornfield and bringing them back was a part of this, so she could teach her dad a lesson without hurting him directly.
    • Agnes Freemont finally standing up to Anthony and telling him her true feelings. What she says is so harsh, that Anthony is probably the only person on earth who it could be justified to say it to.