Awesome / I Am The Gang

IAmTheGang was bound to have a few of these, considering how his videos busted the usual notion of what YouTube Poops had to be like.

  • "The Final Cutscene" features a confrontation between the evil King and Link, with the former attempting to kill the latter. This even rises to the point where he quickly and unhesitatingly murders Zelda, his own daughter, just for trying to defend Link. After The King inflicts multiple gunshots at Link and eventually leaves him in a near-fatal state lying on the ground, he walks off, mistakenly assuming Link to be dead. Link then pulls out a bomb and heroically blows the both of them up, sacrificing himself and managing to put an end to The King's tyrannical reign over Gamelon.. This includes
    • The soundtrack that IAmTheGang uses throughout the video. Simply tear-jerking.
    • How the video establishes The King as an epic, formidable villain, giving him one-liners such as "Zelda, I'm going to send Link to hell" and "All true warriors must die!".
    • Link managing to just barely trudge on, despite being shot five times, much to the bewilderment of The King.
    • The fact that all of this is happening in a YouTube Poop.note 
  • The fake warning at the beginning of both "CD-i Can Still be Funny!" and "Apoopcalypse Now! V2.1", serving as a Take That!. It shows how IAmTheGang wasn't afraid to create works the way he wanted to, even if they were unpopular among certain people.
  • After Bowser kidnaps the princess yet again, "Apoopcalypse Now! V2.1" places many of the YouTube Poop characters into a warzone, making each one of them epic through extensive Manipulative Editing. Mario even puts on a record playing "Ride of the Valkyries" before the fight, just for the occasion.