Funny / I Am The Gang

Oh, gave us so much of this kind of stuff...

  • His "My Message on Irresponsible..." videos are an awesome parody of Scare 'em Straight. Particularly, "My Message on Irresponsible Drinking" turns King Harkinian into the ultimate Memetic Badass.
  • "Hotel Mario Missing Cutscenes", a video of his filled with many clever moments, has at one point Mario and Luigi approaching the Keebler factory (i.e. the Wood Door Hysteria Hotel with the Keebler logo edited onto it) with the former remarking that it "looks kind of peaceful", before the entire place spontaneously combusts and burns to ashes. The two quickly walk backwards away from it as Luigi says, "Looks are deceiving". We then see the "My cakes" chef hurry to the factory only to find it destroyed, to which he does a priceless Face Palm.
  • In "Timesplitters: Impending Perfection", after Cortez is transported to Robotnik's lair and finds himself in the midst of the resulting insanity:
    Robotnik: (starts sticking his tongue out and blows a long, sustained raspberry at Cortez)
    Scratch: (laughs annoyingly)
    Grounder: Me wanna smash something!
    (Cortez stares at the camera and thinks, "I'm surrounded by dumb@!#%s...")
    • Later on, Robotnik discovers that he now has a clone of himself from the future. In a humorously bizarre combination of a Shout-Out to CraaazyCat13's "Robotnik and His Gameboy" and Grounder's stupidity, Grounder subsequently shows Robotnik a Gameboy, smashing it through Robotnik's heart and killing him (and by extension, his future self). Grounder's response to this?
      Future Robotnik: (angrily) You! You! You— (fades away)
      Grounder: You know what, Scratch? I think maybe he's a bit upset.