Funny: I Am The Gang

Oh, gave us so much of this kind of stuff...

  • His "My message on irresponsible..." videos are an awesome parody of Scare 'Em Straight. Particularly, the one about drinking turns King Harkinian into the ultimate Memetic Badass.
  • In "Timesplitters: Impending Perfection", after Cortez is transported to Robotnik's lair and finds himself in the midst of the insanity:
    Robotnik: (starts sticking his tongue out and blowing a long raspberry at Cortez)
    Scratch: (laughs annoyingly)
    Grounder: Me wanna smash something!
    (Cortez stares at the camera and thinks, "I'm surrounded by dumb@!#%s...")
    • Later on, Robotnik discovers that he now has a clone of himself from the future. In a humorously bizarre combination of a Shout-Out to CraaazyCat13's "Robotnik and His Gameboy" and Grounder's stupidity, Grounder shows Robotnik a Gameboy, smashing it through Robotnik's heart and killing him (and by extension, his future clone). Grounder's response to this?
      Robotnik: (angrily) You! You! You— (fades away)
      Grounder: You know what, Scratch? I think maybe he's a bit upset.