Awesome: Home Alone

Home Alone

  • Kevin's traps, all of them. Adding to awesomeness is the "Setting the Trap" song, which makes it sound like Kevin is setting up for a Christmas-themed war.
  • Kevin using the "Angels with Filthy Souls" movie to scare the pizza delivery boy.
    • And later when he does the same to Marv, only this time he adds firecrackers to make the gunshots real.
  • Harry's leg, Marv's face, meet BB gun.
  • Old Man Marley comes to Kevin's rescue literally Just in Time and hits Marv and Harry with a shovel.

Home Alone 2

  • Again, the traps. "Setting the Trap" returns as well.
  • The pigeon lady pulls off an awesome Big Damn Heroes moment by throwing pigeon food on Marv and Harry.
  • Kevin's mom slapping the Concierge.
  • Kevin telling off Uncle Frank, calling him a cheapskate.
    • What makes this even better is the look his mom and dad exchange afterward—it's less one of anger or indignance and more "How did he peg him so well?!"
  • When Harry and Marv are arrested and make fools of themselves in front of the cops, the head officer says in an annoyed, "I don't have time for this" tone, "Get 'em outta here."
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