Nightmare Fuel / Home Alone

Okay yeah, watching burglars get punished for their attempts with all manners of homemade traps can be hilarious, but also some of these traps are extremely nasty and outright life-threatening.

Home Alone

  • The wreath of the McCallister residence at the beginning of the movie features a rather mean looking Santa, with his eyes in shadow Fist of the North Star style... and then they zoom in on the thing! Yeesh!
  • The furnaces "HELLOOO KEVIIIN!!" Doubles as in-universe Nightmare Fuel for Kevin.
    • Nullified by the fact that Kevin simply tells it to shut up, and it works.
    • The basement. Kevin goes down to see if any of his family hiding there. Among the objects is a upper part of a female mannequin.
  • Marley, another in-universe horror for Kevin, as evidenced by his scream when they run into each other outside Kevin's house. Thankfully, Kevin eventually becomes friends with him.
  • Marley is Nightmare Fuel out-of-universe as well. Especially the creepy music that plays everytime he shows up, backed with the way he glares at Kevin, until the reveal.
  • Buzz's pet tarantula, Harry and Marv to some people, and a few of the booby traps.
  • Highlights of the booby traps: the nail through Marv's foot, the tarantula, the glass ornament stepping, the scenes with the furnace... that wasn't Kevin down there in that scene...that was Henry Evans!
    • When Harry and Marv manage to catch Kevin, they gleefully claim that everything Kevin did to them, they're going to do to him. All those booby traps? Not so funny when you picture those things being done to an eight-year-old boy. Harry even said he was going to bite off all of Kevin's fingers one at a time, and had every intention of going through with it. He actually had one in his mouth before a shovel-wielding Marley came in to rescue Kevin.
    • According to Culkin, he still has a scar on his finger. In fact, he and Joe Pesci even shared some real-life animosity, partly because of this incident.
    • So that Nightmare Fuel stems from afromentioned method acting at something that's supposed to be Slap Stick.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
You may want to think twice before touching metal taps.

  • Kevin walking around Central Park at night.
    • What makes this scarier is that it actually counts as example of Truth in Television: New Yorkers know that Central Park, despite how idyllic it is during the day, becomes a rather unsafe area at night, with an unpleasant amount of drug use, wild animals wandering, and even a tragic amount of rape.note  An adult wandering around Central Park after dusk is not a pleasant thought, let alone a child.
    Harry: "Grown men come in the Park and don't leave alive."
  • Near the end, when Harry and Marv are standing over Kevin, paint all over them looking like dried blood, crazy slasher smiles...and the line "My, how the tables have turned". Brrrr.
    • Harry comes very close to shooting Kevin in Central Park. While the gun did turn out to be jammed, it's still a very unsettling scene of Harry wanting to savor killing a kid. On top of that, the way the gun sort of oozes when he takes it out of his coat isn't exactly a pleasing image.
    Harry: I never made it to the sixth grade, kid, and it doesn't look like you're gonna either.
  • The Oh, Crap! moment when the now Sticky Bandits see Kevin again. When Harry greets Kevin with a very Faux Affably Evil "Hiya paaaal!", Kevin turns around and to see the two towering over him with giant Slasher Smiles.
    • And when he rises his hand towards Kevin, revealing the burn in the shape of the doorknob in the first movie.
  • Keep in mind that based on some of the comments they made, Harry and Marv intended to kill Kevin from the moment they saw him in front of the toy store - and they probably had something more grisly in mind than just shooting him. Marv, for example, implies that they could drown him, and Harry mentions something about a subway tunnel.
  • The Pigeon Lady standing and watching as her pigeons swarm Marv and Harry, especially when she laughs. There's also when Kevin is alone with the Pigeon Lady the first time. His ankle gets caught in a branch and he is thrashing to free himself. Even though she ended up being Good All Along, you'd probably be terrified to see anyone covered in birds, not saying anything and appearing to advance on you, especially alone and at night. Plus, you can imagine what would have happened if Kevin had let his fear overcome him and he didn't have her assistance in freeing his ankle.
  • The electric sink booby trap. Marv getting electrocuted and turning into a screaming skeleton for a few seconds was enough to scare the crap out of you.
  • The Cab Driver in the second film. Especially that creepy shadowed face of his. Double points for showing his face directly into the camera.
  • "Watch it, kid! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    • Not to mention Kevin walks past a couple of hookers- who come on to him! ("Hey, lookin' for somebody to read you a bedtime story?")
  • The first trailer for the movie includes a creepy CGI Statue of Liberty that suddenly screams the same way Kevin does in the first movie.
  • Each and every one of the concierge's Slasher Smiles, especially the one when Kevin is trying to get away from Harry and Marv by heading to the hotel, and the camera lingers on his face for a few seconds.
    • It doesn't help that he's played by Tim Curry.

Both Movies:

  • Spam on a spatula, it was only an in-movie movie, but Johnny emptying the magazine of a Thompson into someone at close range would have turned them into a hundred and some odd pounds of ground beef. Like, damn.
  • This rather clever video shows what would happen if Harry and Marv's Amusing Injuries from both movies were to happen in real life. In all, it would take nine Harrys and 14 Marvs to be able to survive the various injuries they suffered. Also, although the latter dies more, it's the former who dies first, via a broken neck from falling off the front steps backwards. In comparison, the same video series determined that John McClane would only die four times over the course of his first two movies, and all of those deaths are in the first (he was judged to have just barely evaded lethal damage in the second). Bleah.
  • John Hughes actually wanted to make a sequel about an adult Kevin, entering into canon that he'd become a Joker-esque psychopath after seeing all the stuff he could get away with using his traps. With this in mind the films come off more as an early take on Hard Candy.
    • What's worse is that Macaulay Culkin's appearance in the web series DRYVRS and the above mentioned Daniel Stern clip both seem to take this idea and run with it. The sight of a resentful adult Kevin casually heating up a coathanger to incapacitate an attempted carjacker, kidnapping him and then seemingly brutally murdering him says nothing good for Marv.
  • Meta: Daniel Stern posted a video as some kind of comeback for the character. Sounds harmless right? Well, the video itself plays like found footage, with Marv being terrified and worried about Kevin coming back to get him. It's rather disturbing. Especially when it cuts to black and we hear his famous scream.