!!''Home Alone''
* Kevin's traps, ''all'' of them. Adding to awesomeness is the "Setting the Trap" song, which makes it sound like Kevin is setting up for a Christmas-themed war.
** The segue into the "Setting the Trap" music from the church choir singing "Carol of the Bells".
** Kevin manages to set them all up in the span of ''less than an hour'' which includes rushing back home from church and even having enough time to cook dinner for himself.
** '''Kevin:''' This is ''my'' house! I have to defend it!
* Kevin using the "Angels with Filthy Souls" movie to scare the pizza delivery boy.
** And later when he does the same to Marv, only this time he adds firecrackers to make the gunshots real.
* Kevin staging a huge Christmas party with mannequins and a Michael Jordan cutout to deter Harry and Marv.
* Harry's [[GroinAttack crotch]], Marv's face, meet BB gun.
* Old Man Marley [[BigDamnHeroes comes to Kevin's rescue]] literally ''JustInTime'' and hits Marv and Harry with a shovel.
** To the Wet Bandits' credit, they themselves pull off an impressive moment by managing to ''outsmart Kevin.''
* '''Kevin:''' You guys give up? Or are you thirsty for ''more''?
** Better: Macaulay Culkin improvised that line.

!!''Home Alone 2''
* Again, the traps. "Setting the Trap" returns as well.
* The pigeon lady pulls off an awesome BigDamnHeroes moment by throwing pigeon food on Marv and Harry.
* Kevin's mom slapping the Concierge.
* Previously, when Peter suggests that Kate stay at the hotel, she tells him she is willing to search the streets of New York for Kevin.
-->'''Kate:''' The way I'm feeling right now, no mugger or murderer would ''dare'' mess with me!
* Kevin [[ShutUpHannibal telling off Uncle Frank]], calling him a cheapskate.
** What makes this even better is the look his mom and dad exchange afterward--it's less one of anger or indignance and more "How did he ''peg'' him so well?!"
* When Harry and Marv are arrested and make fools of themselves in front of the cops, the head officer says in an annoyed, "I don't have time for this" tone, "Get 'em outta here."
* The entire premise of the trap sequence wasn't just to save himself or to save his family, but to literally save Christmas for New York City and the homeless children.
-->'''Kevin:''' You can mess with a lot of things, but [[ThisIsUnforgivable you can't mess with kids at Christmas]]!
* Kevin scaring the Concierge out of his suite by using his Uncle Frank's singing and his inflatable Bozo the Clown pool toy.
* Then later, Kevin uses the "Angels with Even Filthier Souls" tape to make his getaway from the Plaza Hotel staff.
* While searching NYC for Kevin, Kate stops a cop in Times Square. He basically tells her to trust the police to do their job. In response, she asks if he has kids. When he says yes, Kate asks, [[ArmorPiercingQuestion "And what would you do if one of them was missing?"]] This gets the cop to help her out.
* Kate figuring out that Kevin is [[spoiler: at Rockefeller Center, home of a huge Christmas tree.]] Their subsequent reunion is a cross between awesome and heartwarming.

!!''Home Alone 3''
* Alex taking out all four of the North Korean spies through a series of [[BatmanGambit Batman Gambits]] and XanatosSpeedChess, with only objects lying around his house, his pet rat, and his brother's talking parrot. By the time the police arrive, three out of four of the spies have been caught in his traps, with the leader being caught by the parrot a bit later. No matter what you think of this movie, there's no denying Alex is one Badass kid.