Awesome / Hitman

The Games

  • Delivering an ironic death to statutory rapist Alvaro D'Alvade in the "Curtains Down" level of Blood Money. Seeing how well it relates to Tosca has to be seen to be believed.
    • Dropping the chandelier on Delahunt immediately afterwards puts the icing on the cake.
  • Also, the premise of the "Amendment XXV" level in Blood Money. Infiltrating the White House to prevent the assassination of the US President is nothing short of sweet, especially if you get a Silent Assassin rating in the end.
  • The ending of Blood Money has one objective. Leave no witnesses.
  • Infiltrating Dexter Industries in Absolution, where you can put not one, but three Mad Scientists in their place. Special credits go to sabotaging Dr. Valentine's hair formula and watching the sick bastard burn as he falls off the balcony. Or lock him in the bomb room where he goes all Bad Boss. Best part is no one even notices his death.
  • In Absolution, one of the ways to take down Sanchez is to pose as the Patriot and enter the cage match. And it's glorious, especially if you pull off the "Untouchable" challenge.
  • 47 mowing down the Saints after they ambush him in the Waikiki Inn.
    Travis: Saints, status report. Saints? Do you copy?! Status report!!!
  • Any level when you can pull off a Silent Assassin rating and live up to 47's mythic reputation. No-one even knew you were there, there were no witnesses, not a shred of evidence and most of the time the hit looked like an accident. The rest of the time, you're the living embodiment of Paranoia Fuel: no amount of bodyguards, guns, walls, bars, alarms or distance can save the mark once 47 has taken the contract.
  • Two words: Operation Sledgehammer. 47's chasing a wounded Sherriff Skurky through a small town absolutely overrun by I.C.A. soldiers. And they're all looking for one man. You've got burning buildings, civillian massacres, armor-clad Heavy Troopers and a showdown at a local church. And then you remember that one line from the Prologue:
    Travis (to 47): I would send in one of the teams, but this is a job for a scalpel, not a hammer.
  • Near the end of Absolution, Dexter gives Victoria her isotope back. Every guard surrounding her died. Too bad she got sedated just for you to rescue her again.
  • 47's short scene with Travis at the very end.
    Travis: Just tell me... did you kill her? Diana. Is she really dead?
    47: You will never know.
  • The new Point Shooting mechanic in Absolution can allow you to pull off some totally badass kills. You can sneak up on an assembled meeting of guards, enter Point Shooting, target all of them with headshots and wipe out most, if not all, of them before half of them know what's going on.
  • The final mission of Contracts and the only one that's not a flashback. 47 must evade a SWAT Team and kill Inspector Fournier. It's especially awesome if you manage to get a Silent Assassin rating, particularly if you sedate the fireman, steal his uniform and escape in the ambulance with nobody the wiser.
  • Infiltrating the Heaven and Hell party in Blood Money and rigging the pyros to set one of your targets on fire, only for her to dive into the shark tank to be eaten. The crowd think it's All Part of the Show.
  • In Silent Assassin, you are tasked with taking out a Russian mobster and a General. You are provided with a Sniper Rifle, a silenced pistol and some explosives for the job. The best way to do this is to take out both targets with one shot.

The Comic

  • Pretty much any time Ringo Chen takes center stage. For Tomorrow is basically four issues of alternating CMoAs for Tommy and Ringo.gets some awesome Famous Last Words.
    Ringo Chen: When it's your turn,Tommy? Try to go with dogs at your feet.
    • Ringo also pulls off the rare post-mortem CMoA. With Tommy's help, he rigs his own corpse to kill his murderers.
    • And he's such a badass, that after he finally dies, Death offers him a job.
    • Yet another (earlier) Ringo one: the gang (Ringo, Tommy, Natt, and Hacken) are on the run from an evil military in some made up African country, being chased across the desert by a helicopter. They find cover in a cave, but realize they're trapped as long as the copter is lurking and that the ground troops will come and kill them eventually. Ringo calmly walks out of the cave and stands in plane view to draw the helicopter out, not flinching as it begins firing towards him. He did this just so his friends could get a clean shot at the helicopter. Then, naturally, he drives a tank into the corrupt capitol and runs over its dictator.
  • Natt the Hat is Tommy's sidekick through the whole series, and often gets stuck playing comic relief. During the big shootout in the final issue, however, they round a corner, and a bad guy shoots Natt in the chest, point blank. Natt's reaction? He grabs the gun out of the guy's hand, shoots him in the head, then continues to try and escape.
    Natt: Bitch, you think you bad? You think you friggin' bad?!!
  • Tommy and Ringo share a great one in "For Tomorrow". They've been kidnapped, tortured (like, having a few ribs removed while you're conscious level tortured), and have just gotten ahold of some weapons. Pretty much everything that happens after that is pure CMoA, but the beginning stands out, when Tommy and Ringo first get loose and enter the room full of heavily armed bad guys:
    Ringo: I pity you. You have to stop us. *ass-kicking ensues*
  • Sean Noonan calmly gunning down a rampaging dinosaur with the chain gun he keeps behind the bar, then grinding it into burgers.