Awesome / Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

  • Tommy Doyle, after spending much of his life tormented by the memory of Michael's original killing spree, beats him repeatedly with a pipe and then, in possibly the best subversion of a horror trope ever, BEATS HIM MORE when he's down.
  • Dr. Loomis, after finding Jamie's stabbed body, in the Producer's Cut:
    Jerkass Sheriff: You people don't have any business in my town.
    Dr. Loomis: Michael Myers... IS my business.
  • "I see only ONE bastard in this house." Granted, she get smacked for that comment, but this, along with the Your Head Asplode death he got is pretty much an awesome form of retribution for John Strode's stupidity.
    • Followed by Danny pulling a knife on John for smacking Kara.
  • A villainous example, but in the theatrical cut of the film Michael personally teaches the Cult of Thorn that Evil Is Not a Toy the hard way in the form of a brutal rampage where he kills anybody in his path.
    • Even better is the way he starts it off. After coming upon the operation room where the cult is in, Michael sees a medical tray full of operating tools. At first, it appears as if he's gonna grab a scalpel like in Halloween II only for him to grab something else. That something? A surgical machete. Michael's gonna make it very clear to them.