Awesome / Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later

  • Laurie finally grows a pair and decides to take on Michael head on. The whole fight was one-sided... with Michael on the defensive; He gets an axe and a spear slammed into his chest, a stick thrown at his head, gets stabbed several times, is knocked off a balcony and gets kneed in the groin. You could clearly see that he was both surprised and shocked by Laurie's ferocity.
    • It's also why the fans don't accept Resurrection as being canon, since letting Laurie finally kill Michael in this film is a pretty awesome ending, and well deserved.
  • Nurse Marion manages to hold off Michael pretty well with a poker, but he still managed to slice her neck open when she tried to call for help.
  • When Michael attacks John and Molly, John tries to hold Michael off by pulling a few good punches. When Michael stabs John in the leg, Molly grabs a rock and bashes it upside Michael's head so they can get away.