Awesome / Groundhog Day

  • By the end of the movie, Phil apparently goes to catch the one boy who falls out of the tree every single day.
  • And then there's the choking victim he rescues! But not just any choking victim at a restaurant: it's the mayor. Without Phil, there's a good chance the mayor could have died, and Phil just swooped in and saved the day like it ain't no thing. Just to top it off, right after saving the guy, he turns around and lights a woman's cigarette for her the moment she places it in her mouth. Phil the Clock King in his finest.
  • Every skill Phil masters over time. Ice sculpting? Eventually makes an angel. Piano playing? Can do an awesome blues solo by the end. Hell, in a deleted scene, he's effortlessly dominating the pool table.
  • An awesome moment for Comedic Sociopathy: "Ned?! [PUNCH]" (Also a Crowning Moment of Funny.)