Awesome / Gremlins

  • Billy brings Barney to the bank and ties his leash to under the counter. When Mrs. Deagle arrives to chew Billy out for damages done to her lawn display, she says she wants to take Barney to the kennel to have him put to sleep. When she goes on to say she would gladly ensure a far more inhumane death if given the chance, Barney unties his leash, leaps up on the counter and pounces the old bat (breaking what was left of her lawn display in the process). Good boy!
    • Then later on, the Gremlins terrorise Deagle's house. Convinced the noise is just Christmas Carols, the old miser gets ready to shower them with a bucket of water, which of course, doesn't help things at all. Convinced the underworld has finally come to get her ("I'm not READY!!!") she panics and runs to her stair lift, which a gremlin has sabotaged, and is sent hurtling at rapid speed through her roof.
  • There's a Gremlin with a chainsaw. Gremlin. With. A. CHAINSAW!