Funny / Gremlins

  • The gremlins caroling... singing their own theme tune instead of Christmas songs.
  • The gremlins watching "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and loving it.
    • Also when it cuts from the gremlins singing along to "Heigh Ho" to Gizmo doing the exact same thing.
    • Also, one of the gremlins is wearing mouse ears.
  • Gizmo crying out "Bambi!" when he sees a deer in "Snow White".
    • In the same vein, when Mr. Wu tosses Randy Peltzer's money on the couch, Gizmo exclaims "Moolah!"
  • When Randal says the new batch of Mogwai could replace the dog as a family pet, Barney gives a whimper and stands up as if he was offended by that. Becomes a bit of a Mood Whiplash when Billy finds Barney strung up outside on Christmas Tree Lights.
  • The scene where the Gremlins have taken over Kate's bar and have her serve drinks along with the vignettes of them behaving like regular barflies.

  • From the first film's Novelization:
    "I forgot to tell him not to feed them after midnight," [Billy] said, disgusted with himself.
    "Don't worry," Pete said. "I'll stop by after I do my Christmas tree routine. It'll only be eight o'clock."
    "You won't forget?"
    Pete crossed his heart. "Word of honor," he promised. "May I turn into a Christmas tree forever if I forget."
    end of chapter
    Pete forgot.
    end of chapter