Awesome / Get Backers

  • During The Case Of The Lucky Cat arc Ban and Ginji show one of their first instances of teamwork since Hishiki is wearing sunglasses ban cannot use his evil eye on him since it requires eye to eye contact. To get around this Ginji uses his electrical power to kill the lights forcing Hishiki to take of his sunglasses, Van then makes Hishiki believe he is on fire causing him to throw himself out the nearest window. Okay they were on the first story but still.
    • Later the dup manage to set him on fire for REAL. Ban taunts Hishiki until he attacks him then doges out of the way. Hishiki's attack ended up with him covered in alcohol, Ginji uses his electrical powers to cause the booze on hishiki to burst into flame. This sends Hishki out a THIRD story window and into a RIVER.
  • Act III: Givers And Takers has two.
    • One for Maguruma driving his truck over a cliff on purpose in order to get the jump on the Get Backers.
    • And another for MELTING Akabane's RUBBER gloves with his ELECTRICITY.
  • In one of the most awesome scenes in the early manga Ginji uses his electromagnetic powers to draw all of akabanes knife out of his body, leay a bloody corpse on the ground. Of Course Akabane gets better, but still.
  • In Act IV: Get Back The Sound Of Life, Ginji manages to beat Hishiki my acting as a Lightining Rod during a storm, the lightning heals Ginji but smokes Hishiki.
  • Episode 12 when Ban first chants the true curse of the Snakebite:
    Ban: "Even now, at thy right hand 'til this cursed fate is spent, is the one that houses Asclepius, who descends from the Milky Way on high. Therefore, I invoke thee: Feed with your fangs of poison!"
  • Near the end of volume 7 Ginji catches Juubei's needles by magnetizing them, and forces him to retreat by almost boiling his blood.
  • The second time Ban uses the snakebite curse really shows JUST how much of a trump card it is. After being dominated by Fudou the whole fight, and fudou basically forseeing his death, Ban rips through Fudou like paper-mache all with the awesome cry of "Outta my way!!"
  • During Ginji's fight with Makubex it is revealed that while in Infinity Fortress Ginji has low level reality warping abilities.
  • The middle of the Divine Design (Cards) Arc is arguably one big, long Moment for Juubei. The awesome is how he pulls off two Big Damn Heroes rescues, masters the training the main characters struggled through in half the time, catches up to them in a labyrinth, defeats his Four Gods analogue without any hint of the mystical training he just mastered, breaks his friend's brainwashing... Did I mention he was recently blinded? Dialogue like "By order of Makubex, Juubei Kakei has arrived!" and "Juubei Kakei, at your service. I have come to study at your feet," somehow adds to the cool factor. He gets his Moment Of Heartwarming when he assures former rival Toshiki that he needs him, and starts mixing the Awesome and Heartwarming once Toshiki is killed. Only not. Ginji seems to acknowledge the whole affair as Juubei's Moment of Awesome and an attempt to conquer past weaknesses, and it partially inspires him to want to get stronger himself.