Awesome: Ghost Hunt

  • Episode 8: Naru spent all night staring down an evil spirit called an Enmi. When asked why he didn't call Lin, it was because he didn't want to waste his time on something minor and he wanted to see what would happen.
  • Lin knocking out a possessed guy with approximately no effort at all was pretty dang cool.
  • Naru destroying a minor god by shooting at it with a cross between his Psychic Powers and the Vajara.
  • Ayako proving her worth as a priestess in the final episode.
  • Mai gets her awesome moment during the Forgotten Children arc in the manga. She solved the case almost all by herself, with a little guidance from Gene.
  • Takigawa unmasking Naru as Oliver Davis. It was a parade of awesome. Some of the others had a part in it, but it was mostly his moment. Naru even declined to comment because he said he didn't want to steal Takigawa's spotlight.
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