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Awesome: Ghost in the Shell
  • Near the climax of the 1995 Ghost in the Shell movie, we see Major Kusanagi taking on a light tank with nothing but an assault rifle and a pair of grenades (plus a late assist from Batou's "Standard-Issue Big Gun"). It's a thing of beauty that inspired many later action scenes, up to and including The Matrix's famous lobby shootout, and if anything it's better done than all of them.
    • Slightly marred by the fact that, after successfully baiting the tank to exhaust all its ammo, she misjudges the strength of its main hatch and rips all her artificial muscles off while trying to pry it open. Not a very smart approach. In this troper's opinion, the real CMOA in that scene belongs to Batou, who proceeds to casually pump the tank full of holes with his big gun.
  • Let's face it...the Major is a walking CMOA all on her own.

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