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Awesome: Gadget And The Gadgetinis
  • Penny doesn't get quite as many opportunities to be Bad Ass in Gadget And The Gadgetinis as she does in Inspector Gadget, but she does get her moments every once in a while: particularly she can get very dangerous if you threaten the people she cares about. Two that stand out are her taking down a giant mutant carnivorous plant with a pesticide gun in "Get Gadget," and remote controlling the Gadgetinis to give a gang of marauding M.A.D Agents just what they desrve in "Nice Guys Are Finished" (while clearly enjoying herself much more than she should), both times complete with Pre Ass Kicking One Liner. "Lets show these goons what happens when you mess with my Uncle Gadget!" indeed.
  • Gadget himself gets one in the first episode "Don't Call Me Gadget", where he dispatches Dr. Claw's M.A.D. Agents while under the effects of the aliens' intelligence reducing-increasing device.
  • Dr. Claw's moment comes in "Nozzaire's Day Off" when he easily steals Gadget's reboot disc from Nozzaire's safe and uses it to build a giant giant Gadget robot that actually gets to throw Gadget around a bit and would have squished him if it wasn't for Penny.

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