Awesome / Ensign Sue Must Die

  • From Ensign Sue Must Die, the crew of the Enterprise successfully kill a Mary Sue, and what is awesome is how they do it; weaponizing the Red Shirt principle.
  • From Ensign 3, The 4th Doctor and the real Sherlock Holmes are held in a maximum security cell having a discussion, at the end of which the Doctor simply gets up and says the following:
    The Doctor: Well then, shall we be on our way?
    Holmes: You speak as if you have a plan of escape. I've been at it for days but to no avail.
    The Doctor: Not so much a plan of escape as a very convenient oversight in our favor. You see, there's a funny thing about those who are very powerful but also very stupid.
    He removes a bag of jelly babies (with the sonic screwdriver inside) from his pocket.
    The Doctor: They never learn and they don't check pockets. Jelly baby?
  • The Shatner has... arrived.
    • Then in the next strip he shakes Kirk out of his funk by pointing out the difference between an interesting character and being a Sue.
      Denny Crane: Listen, Kirk. There's no crime in being exceptional.
    • Another Shatner character, Sgt T.J. Hooker, appeared and shakes Sue out of her funk by telling that there is nothing wrong with being normal and that she is not useless. He adds that it's not too late for her to make amends and that she should save the people she cares about. it's also a nice Heartwarming moment.
  • Guess who's next at making an awesome appearance to stop the Sues? Khan Prime!
    • Who then vanquishes Khan by bearing his muscular chest. Yes really.
  • The 3rd Doctor and McCoy effortlessly tear through the logic of Sue Prime's plan.
  • The Badass Crew to end all Badass Crews. Including the one with actual experience fighting and defeating a Marty Stu.
  • The Doctor going War Doctor on the Sues.
  • Ensign Sue's most awesome moment: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the Sue!"
  • God-Mode Sue finally pinned down by logic. If she alters reality to make her beloved Spock love her, then she's admitting that he doesn't really love her and has to be forced to.
    • Better, by telling Ensign Sue that she can't lie to herself, God finds herself unable to lie by saying she genuinely loves Spock-Prime. And he knew it the whole time.