Awesome / El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera
aka: El Tigre

  • When the Riveras put their differences aside to battle a greater evil, their awesomeness increases tenfold. Just look at the "Caliente Catapult of Carnage" and the "Super Macho Blitz."
  • Fistful of Nickels: "Outnumbered! What should we do?" Cue El Tigre flat out curb-stomping the army of Calavera Banditos, literally buzz-sawing his way through the skeletons.
  • Stinking Badges: Chief Emiliano "Papa Wolf" Suarez going downright medieval on the Mustache Mafia...for eight freakin' hours...after they attacked his little girl Frida.
  • No Boots, No Belt, No Brero: Even despite a mix-up with their powers (Rodolfo in the Puma Loco mech, Manny with the White Pantea boots, and Grandpapi with the El Tigre belt), they work together as familia to disorient El Mal Verde. Then cue Rodolfo's epic "Riveras! ASSEMBLE!", transformation sequence, and the family sending Verde soaring around the world, literally wiping out all the evildoers in Miracle City...with ONE PUNCH! Then, we see everyone celebrating the Rivera's triumph and the family themselves standing atop a mountain comprised of nearly every one of their defeated villains...if that's not an epic way to end a series, I don't know what is!
    • Frida jumping down from her flying cat and giving Manny a Big Damn Kiss certainly qualifies.
  • Six words: "Ancient Tiger Spirit! I SUMMON YOU!!!"
    • In more detail: When Sartana of the Dead creates a giant Zombie... Mecha... monster... thing and tries to take over Miracle City, Manny and Frida go to the land of the dead to bring back his ancestors to come fight her (It was Dia de los Muertos). Their Fastball Special is awesome in its own right, but the kicker is that Manny not only learned the special ability of The first El Tigre, who could summon a gigantic tiger head aura, but then took it Up to 11 by summoning an entire giant tiger, by himself and blowing the giant Zombie to pieces.
  • Rodolfo taking down a giant robotic dragon while in the throes of a Heroic B.S.O.D. probably qualifies (the fact that said dragon had just easily defeated a Super Team moments before and that White Pantera wasn't even trying (he thought it was a "charity battle" set up by his son to make him feel better) makes this even more awesome). Crime-Fighting Maverick indeed.
  • White Pantera beating El Oso without his boots in "Sole Of A Hero."
  • Manny and Frida tag teaming to defeat the Titanium Titan in "Adios Amigos".
  • Frida paying her dues as a crafty Heroic Bystander in "Eye Caramba"; distracting Black Cuervo long enough for Manny to knock her down, then sling-shotting her goggles into a satellite and knocking it off, trapping the Flock of Fury...just as one of Lady Gobbler's egg bombs pops loose.
  • Puma Loco coming to Manny and Frida's rescue with his grandpa's old mech suit in "Puma Licito".
  • El Cucharon defeating El Oso and Dr.Chipotle Sr. with spoons!
  • In "Dia de Los Malos" Manny manages to outwit Sartana, free the imprisoned heroes, and earn their respect.
  • Toshiro finally Taking a Level in Badass and defeating the Ninja monsters in "Rising Son".
  • "La Tigresa" is Frida's crowning episode of awesome! She 'borrows' Manny's belt and becomes his Distaff Counterpart and proceeds to kick the butt's of all the villains she "tried" to fight earlier. In the end she, de-powered, is the one who comes to Manny's rescue as he is about to be skinned and manages to subdue Sartana. Finally she defeats Sartana with a potato!
    Frida: Never underestimate the power of, me throwing a potato!
  • Little miss Femme Fatale-to-be Black Cuervo/Zoe Aves has quite a few villainous moments of awesome herself:
    • Successfully driving a wedge between Manny and Frida using nothing but her villainous feminine wiles in "Enter The Cuervo."
    • In "Tigre + Cuervo Forever", after finding out Manny only dated her for info on the Flock's heists...and Manny making it worse by promising he'd let her win the ensuing fight...Cuervo delivers an absolutely BRUTAL beatdown to Tigre, smashing him through several boats and capping it off with a three-person BFG blast that scorches Tigre and Pantera, as well as sinks El Presidente's gold yacht.
    • "The Cuervo Project" serves to remind people that the Flock of Fury is every bit as cunning and tricky as the Rivera family. With her secret identity of Black Cuervo in danger of being revealed, Zoe has "Black Cuervo" (really her grandmami Lady Gobbler) "kidnap" her and drop her in her own prop volcano, throwing Manny and Frida off her trail, as well as dousing them in fake lava and winning first prize at the Science Fair to boot.
  • The Albino Burrito's "Power Piñata of Punishment" taking out an indestructible robot in a supernova-esque explosion!
  • After lying to her about her intentions and holding her audience hostage, Sartana threatens the audience to force Frida to do another song about her. Defiantly, Frida writes a Take That! song about Sartana:
    Frida: (sings) Sartana of the de-e-ad, has maggots in her he-e-ad, and when El Tigre gets here, he'll slice her like fried bread!
  • Frida getting White Pantera, taking control of a giant robot and using it to save El Tigre and stop the Titanium Titan.
    Frida: Who's lame now, huh? WHO'S LAME NOW!
  • Manny finally being fed up with his dad and Granpapi deciding his future for him in "The Good, the Bad and the Tigre" and proceeds to give a speech saying he's on his own side and not to get in his way. In the final challenge, Manny proceeds to kick their butts, shredding "Black" Pantera's Paper-Thin Disguise and clawing Grandpapi's mech suit so it goes haywire and crashes into Pantera, knocking them both off the platform. When Manny finds out Django betrayed him, he and Django have an epic battle to the death over a rumbling, rising lava pool, in which Manny is forced to cut of his hand to keep from being burned alive, then tricking Django into blasting his "nana" Sartana, destroying her. All in all it's a "Crowning Episode of Awesome" for Manny.
  • A ram and rooster steal Little Mule and Señor Chapi's squeaky toy. So how do they get it back? They use one of Puma Loco's mech suits and blow up the place.
  • Somehow, the "Secret Call of the Bears" ends up being this, as it actually works and allows El Oso to summon every bear in the kingdom...and out of it. Also crosses over with Crowning Moment of Funny.
    • El Oso defeating the Bear King to win the heart of his "true love", even if she was already spoken for.
  • This is a tid-bit from Word of God, but apparently Diego was actually a lab experiment as opposed to a normal child; he actually (and successfully) cloned himself in order to create his father and grandfather!
  • This show isn't skimping out on kids who are engineers but deadly. On the villain's side there is Sergio who has built some powerful (and humongous!) mechas all by himself, and on the hero's side there's Davi/Albino Burrito who (as seen above) can create what can be described as nukes disguised as Mexican toys activated with just a clap!
  • It's a small one but Frida getting ahold of the [1] in "Miracle City Undercover" certainly counts. Throughout the whole episode she understands the seriousness of the situation of the stolen mace, follows Manny around to make sure that he's on top of the mission while in disguise and calls him out for not even starting to search for it just less than a day before the deadline.
  • On a meta level, just the fact that the series was made entirely on Adobe Flashnote , yet not only did it achieve a unique style and some awesome affects but won several (7 out of 11 nominations) Annie and Emmie awards!

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