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Awesome: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • The famous "across the moon" scene. E.T. levitates Elliott's bike into the air just when it's about to run off a cliff, saving Elliott's life in the process.
  • When E.T.'s heart lights up again and he is revived.
    • "Does this mean they're coming?" "Yes."
  • Elliott pulling out the pins of the access tunnel, detaching it and ensuring the government agents inside can't get to E.T.
  • E.T. saving Elliott and his friends by making all their bikes fly at the end of the film!
  • John Williams' epic score.
  • Elliot getting better after E.T. goes critical. The first thing he does is yell for the doctor's to stop, thinking that they are killing E.T. He even rips the sensors and I.V. needle out of him. If not for the doctor's wheeling him out, he looked like he was ready to jump off the stretcher and start wailing on them.
    Elliot: You're killing him! You're killing him! He came to me!
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