Awesome / Dragon Jousters

  • The Magistrate, using the legal system to deal a nasty blow to Khefti. The idea of all of the things he did to make Vetch's life as miserable as possible being turned on him was very satisfying.
  • Coresan and Seftu's mating flight can only be described as awesome, terrifying, but awesome.
  • The "Falling Man Catch".
  • Kiron's internal thoughts on his new plan to fight the Magi. He's thinking of it cynically as a kind of internal joke but, it sound pretty badass.
    Oh yes, the Magi should be shivering in their beds. A half-trained Jouster, a Winged Fledgling, and a foreign Healer. We shall defeat them and send them packing and still have time for breakfast!
  • In the fourth book, Avatre had a standoff with another adult dragon, with a stare-down and everything!
    • Her interposing herself between Kashet and the grounded wing was pretty impressive too.
  • The previously assumed dead Re-eth-ke swooping in to save a falling Aket-ten from falling to her death.
  • All of the last battle at the end of book four (Aerie).