Funny / Dragon Jousters

  • Near the end of the first book, Ari discovers the truth behind Avatre... his reaction is priceless.
    Ari: By Sheshet's belly! I can scarcely believe it!
  • Orest often has a bad habit of walking straight into jokes at his expence, for example...
    Orest: It's a long way to the ground. I wouldn't like to fall...
    Kiron: (straight faced) Oh, I'm not worried about falling. The Tian Jousters used to say that it isn't the fall that kills you.
    Kiron: It's the hitting the ground that kills you.
  • The part in Alta when Heklatis "came on" to the Magus not only and Kiron in stitches, my sides started to ACHE from laughing so hard!
    Kiron: Did-you-see-his-face!?
    • Perhaps made funnier by Heklatis' comment after the Magus leaves.
    Heklatis: *rude noise* As if I would touch him with a barge pole.
  • When Tathulan and Khaleph first meet, and start to play keepaway with Tathulan's ball.
  • I loved it when little-baby Bethlan decided to go look for her food and her mother, rather than wait. The idea of a baby dragon the size of a rottweiler walking around, while looking for Mama is just to much!