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Awesome: Dick Figures The Movie
For a movie with explosions and chases and fights by the bucketfuls, there's pretty much one CMOA after another. Why? CUZ IT'S AWESOME!
  • Lord Tourettes taking out a French cop with an accordion.
  • Red accepting Blue as his friend and helping him defeat the Ocho Muerte monster. Especially awesome, considering he could've just let him die.
    Blue: I thought we were actually friends this time....
    Red: ....We are. *Pulls Blue up*
  • Blue acquires some pretty awesome skills as part of his Character Development.
    • He uses the Greatest Sword of Destiny to sever one of the limbs off of a giant beast to rescue Pink.
    • He also has fighting skills so good, he can easily defeat a horde of evil ninjas.
    • Definitely a huge improvement from being the straight and only sane Tag Along Kid.
  • Red's also even more badass on a motorcycle.
  • One bout of Raccoon's anger took out all of Japan.
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