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Awesome: Dead Island: Riptide
  • When your characters first reach the ferry station, its occupied by a bunch of prisoners. They're friendly at first, but then they immediately demand you hand over all of your possessions, and attack. Shortly after this, you then enter an extended rage mode, and can promptly kill them all with no problem. This is due to your exposure to some chemical weapons moments earlier while working your way through some old tunnels to get to Henderson. It reacts to the virus in your character's body and unlike poor Wayne, makes you nigh invulnerable instead of a hulking mutant.
    • It's not just an extended rage mode, you go completely and totally ape shit. Blood lust, Cluster F-Bomb, your character quite likely not stopping until everyone in Henderson is dead had it not run out, their little freak out when it does, the whole nine yards. A crowning moment of scary awesome.
  • Each Siege Mode is thus. The early defense of Paradise gives you an idea of what it's like with the NPCs running around and fighting off bog standard Walkers. Later all the Player Characters not being used also join in against every zombie encountered so far, before Harlow storms in with a chainsaw to lead an escape. Then everyone pitches in to cover a route to Henderson which includes machine guns, mines and explosives.
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