Awesome / Darksiders II

  • Death's entire backstory with his siblings. While War was rampaging through Earth during the Middle Ages, Death, Strife and Fury go to stop him. War attacks all three and subdues Fury. As he is about to deal her a fatal blow, Death steps in front of his sister and is impaled on Chaos Eater without flinching or showing any pain. Fury then traps War's arm with her whip and Death severs it with his brother's own blade! Death, (being the eldest and most protective sibling) then replaces War's severed arm with a magi-tech prosthesis and gauntlet.
    Death: Wisdom is a great gift... Remember well!
  • Most of the Darksiders II boss battles qualify as this. However, the battle against the Guardian is especially awesome.
    • The Wailing Host deserves another honorable mention. Death essentially takes on Cthulhu and wins.
  • Death's battle atop the Crystal Spire against the corrupted Angel - Archon Lucien. During the end of the battle, the Archon uses the Rod of Arafel to telekinetically pick up and throw an island at the first Horseman! Death transforms into his Reaper form - cuts the massive rock in half - and impales the Archon with Harvester!
  • The Red Wanderer vs. The Rider of the Pale Horse. Samael is said to be the predecessor of Satan himself and an under-powered Nephilim, without the backing of the broken Seven Seals should be child's play to the powerful Demon Lord. Death not only matches him at the height of his strength - but also proves why he's the Creator's most feared enforcer: Using his agility to negate Samael's teleportation spam, dodging his magical attacks while whittling down his health. Death finally lands a blow to the Blood Prince's face, cutting open his cheek and causing the now breathless devil to concede defeat. Though he may have been playing with Death during the fight, even Samael can't deny the man's sheer badassery and his well-founded respect for Death's skill and motivation.
    Samael: In fact, no-one knows you're here...
    Death: Not a soul. Now hand over the key, it can be our little secret.
    Samael: (Force grips Death and hoists him over his head.) Pitiful. (Face-plants him into the Black Stone's floor.) Flawed castings from a perfect mold. Absalom was always stronger than the rest of you.
    Death: (Blocks Samael's second telekinetic assault.) You'll find me - strong enough, Samael! (Force pushes him back.)
  • The fact that: with the right Arcane build, using the maxed-out Necromancer skill tree and equipped with a level 30 wrath-regenerating, possessed scythe. Yours will be the last face anyone will see.
  • This exchange, not to mention the music of the Death Comes For All trailer. Michael Wincott's voice is made of win.
    Samael: Sometimes - the hero dies!
    Death: Then so be it!
  • The Death Eternal trailer. *Brrr!* Someone just stepped on my grave...
    Narrator: He was there from the beginning... A power that exists at the end of all things. He walked with our gods - and shaped our deepest beliefs. An executioner at the gallows. A lone hunter, on a pale horse. A soldier on the battlefield. A criminal in the shadows. Fields become burial grounds in His wake. Every great atrocity. Every feeble passing. He stands witness. In our strife, in our revolutions and in our wars. He has left His mark. And in the end; His will be the last face you see...