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Funny: Darksiders II
  • At the end of a sidequest where you help the Makers rebuild an ancient construct, Death requests that the construct doesn't tell anyone that he helped it without reward.
  • Death's reaction to having to help Uriel when he goes to Earth:
    Death: Oh, dammit.
  • Death's reply when Maker Elder Eideard says they must resurrect the now-destroyed Corrupted Guardian?
    Death: How many times would you have me kill him?
  • Perhaps this wont seem that funny in the translation to text, but the combination of Death's incredulity and Blackroot's cheerful obliviousness might elicit a few chuckles.
    Death: Your realm teeters on the brink of destruction and you ask me to feed you?!
    Blackroot: *happily* If it's not too much trouble!
  • Karn's introduction:
    Karn: Folks around town call me "pup" or "lad", but I prefer my own name... "Karn".
    Death: "Pup" it is then.
  • Death's opinion on Construct-tipping.
    Death: A fine sport.
  • Death every time he delivers a sarcastic one-liner.
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