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Headscratchers: Darksiders II
  • So what makes Death.... Well Death. He kills people by bludgeoning them with various weapons. It's not exactly something only Death can do (As War, and well, every enemy in the game does). He doesn't exactly kill people by just willing them dead. I mean, what exactly does Death do that makes him Death and not just any other dude with a sharp tool?
    • What exactly is it that you do that makes you Cobra Prime and not just any other dude with an internet browser? In other words, it's just his name.
      • That excuse doesn't sit right with me either. He implicitly has power over the souls of the fallen and can summon them at will in multiple forms, a power that only those in high authority in the Lands of the Dead can use. He wields power over them which rivals the King of Bones it seems and yet he gets no kudos from those who live there. Even without the authority of the Council behind him, the dude is still essentially a patron deity of theirs.
    • Perhaps he took up the name as one of the many reminders of what he did to the Nephilim race?

  • Why is it that the designers and players alike keep claiming that "Death Never Blocks Because He Is Arrogant" when the Buckler weapon class's charge attack is a block move? Why would you try to set up a character trait and then directly contradict it in the gameplay?
    • Gameplay and Story Segregation maybe?
    • Because outside of using bucklers, he's almost never forced to block. The only time he visibly does it when not under the player's control is when the second-most powerful demon in the world is tossing him around like a ragdoll.

  • Okay, so Lillith apparently has access to Time Travel. What.
    • She's an impossibly old demoness who sleeps with the Prince of Lies and his deputy and creates races in her spare time. What's so hard to believe about her having Time Travel compared to all that?
      • It's more that by introducing Time Travel to the already confused narrative of Darksiders, it opens up all kinds of plot holes. Depending on how long Lilith has had access to that power, she has what amounts to chronological omniscience, able to witness any event then go back in time to alter it in her favor. If the failure of Abaddon and the occurrence of the second Armageddon is outside her schemes, she can immediately go back to the past to manipulate War in the opposite direction. It's simply too big of a plot element to through on top of everything else, and when you think about it the real reason it's there is because they couldn't be bothered to come up with a new character to guard the key to the Well of Souls while Samael is locked up. Would it really have been inconceivable for a demon regent-king to be protecting it, or are we to presume that we couldn't get it in the present because Samael has it while in captivity?
      • Her ability seemed to cause a Stable Time Loop rather than actually change anything. We're told the the Demon Key is missing and Samael had it last before it disappeared. Odds are it disappeared because Death traveled back in time and took it. And for that reason she doesn't make more use of her Time Travel, if the world operates on a Stable Time Loop, she'll have used it already and found she can't change the past.
    • Her time travel functions by firing an orb of magic into a special rune strewn about Samael's palace. It's pretty much attuned and localized to her location. As for why Samael would have such a thing? He's described as an ancient Chess Master.

  • So the Makers have a deistic ability to forge whole worlds and all their inhabitants into being. Why haven't the forces of Heaven or Hell tried to subjugate them to take advantage of their powers? As their Wrench Wench said, they are not "warriors" (Blatant Lies seeing as two of the surviving six are full time combatants), so they're basically defenseless.
    • Because they don't make races, that and the provision of balance is the domain of the Creator. What the Makers do amounts basically to making a blank canvass for him to draw on. Such a thing is entirely useless to both Heaven or Hell.
  • If you complete one side quest, delivering a letter for Nathaniel, it offers a major spoiler for the first game. A lot hinges on this spoiler, actually. Why the hell doesn't Death just pop in to Earth, and give the angels of the Hellguard this rather useful nugget of information he came across?
    • Uriel and her Angels are already pretty leery and distrustful of Death and the other Horsemen after War's "crimes". Do you really think they'd believe Death if he tried to tell them?

  • Why are the majority of the Makers' doors only an inch or so taller than the makers themselves? Back when they were a complete species, were they just that uniform of height? Were they building for human-scale individuals?
    • Developers didn't think that through.
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