Awesome / Crocodile Dundee

Crocodile Dundee

  • Mick's solution to the problem of the kangaroo hunters; by the time he's through, the goons are scurrying home terrified that it seems that the kangaroos are shooting back!.
  • Mick's jovial non-reaction to a guy with a switchblade trying to mug him.
    Sue: Mick...give him your wallet.
    Mick: What for?
    Sue: He's got a knife!
    Mick: Nah, that's not a knife. (pulls out an enormous Bowie Knife) That's a knife.
    • And then there's his Bond One-Liner after he completely cuts the mugger's jacket apart with a few casual flicks of his blade, causing him and the rest of the gang to run away—
    Mick: ...just kids havin' fun!
  • In New York City, two women approach Mick to do him a... favor for free. Their pimp threatens Mick, but Mick, being Mick, punches him out in one punch. Later, he comes back... but he's outnumbered three to one, and Mick, despite putting up a good fight, is subdued. Then, the limo driver who was driving him around arrives and runs into two of them and throws something at the fleeing third assailant, knocking him out.
    • And the thing he throws? It's the boomerang-shaped ornament from the top of the pylon on the trunk lid.
    Gus: No, man. Harlem Warlords.
    Mick: I knew you were tribal.
  • Mick and Sue go out for dinner with Richard, who spends much of the evening insulting Mick. Eventually, Mick subtly shows he's had enough, and punches Richard.
  • Any time they play the theme song. That rhythm just keeps driving forward.

Crocodile Dundee II

  • Mick gets Sue out of the drug lord's house with the help of a punk gang.
  • In the Australian bush, Mick methodically capturing the mooks of the drug lord one by one, using guerilla tactics and his perfect knowledge of the bush.