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Even Concentration, a simple game of puzzles and prizes, had great moments.
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    Original Series (1958-73) 
  • Two players retired undefeated after their 20th game: Ruth Horowitz in 1966 (who went on to win that year's Challenge of Champions) and Terri Lee Coffin in early 1973.
  • September 1963: In Game 3 of the finals, the board had been fully exposed save two numbers (due to those items being matched by Wild Cards), and contestant Art Levine made the last match. He groped for the answer "The Statue of Liberty" (The / St + ad + shoe / of / "Lih" + bird + "T"), but apparently said it a split-second after the buzzer. Opponent Ralph Branca was allowed to guess, said "The Statue of Liberty", and was given the game with him leading the finals 2-1. Downs said that the techs would study the audio tape to make sure. On the next show, Downs said the tape revealed that Art did start his answer just barely a second before the buzzer. Art was given the game (now 3-1 in favor of Art, who won Game 4 the show before), but Ralph was allowed to keep all the prizes he matched. Ralph commended the show on its honesty and integrity.

    Syndicated (1973-78) 
  • 1974: One contestant won two washer-dryers by matching both up with Wild Cards and solving the puzzle. He gave one of the washer-dryers to his opponent.

    The Bastardized Pilots (1985) 
  • (It's not likely to have anything, but it's here just in case.)

    Classic Concentration (1987-91) 

    Other Versions 
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