Awesome / Code Lyoko: Evolution

  • The Supercomputer's reactivation is a quite amazing scene to watch.
  • As is the Return to the Past.
  • William's Big Damn Hero moment in "Cortex" can be seen as this. Seriously, who didn't want to see William using his XANA-era powers against monsters?
  • Odd destroying the wall of Bloks.
  • William taking down a swarm of Kankerlats in episode 11.
  • On the villain side, episode 14 is one for Tyron and the Ninjas. They throw a fight in the core so one can sneak back to Lyoko and install a transmitter there, and Jérémie's attempt to download more data only netted him a virus.
  • "Chaos at Kadic": Aelita was pretty chilly towards Laura for revealing to her father about the Supercomputer, which I thought was pretty cool because she was definitely mad. Kudos to her actress.
  • "Confusion": Ulrich and a Ninja are the last left standing after a big Mêlée à Trois. Ulrich tricks him with a short burst of Super Speed, reminding everybody who's the best pure fighter of the Lyoko Warriors.
  • "Massacre": Aelita's Big Damn Heroes moment when she shows up in the Skid, rescuing Odd from falling into the Digital Sea and blasting all the Bloks to smithereens.