Awesome / Chihayafuru

  • Mizusawa's victory over Fujisaki, which secures them the national team championship certainly counts. After losing two matches and it appearing only a matter of time before Fujisaki wins a third match and therefore the entire game, Mizusawa instead manages to pull off three consecutive wins.
    • It's also a particular CMOA for Taichi, who after spending so long seemingly unable to progress in karuta, beats an A-class player through clever strategizing—and finally gets a break as far as luck is concerned, since his card is, for once, called in a luck-of-the-draw scenario. The fact that he and Nishida synchronized their final cards, a strategy that Hokuo used to previously defeat Mizusawa, also shows just how much better Mizusawa has gotten at playing as a team.
  • Taichi winning against Retro by eighteen cards.
  • Arata's playing style in general.