Heartwarming / Chihayafuru

  • Arata rushes on a bicycle after the train both Taichi and Chihaya are in and attempts to say goodbye to them.
  • After a tense close match in the final round of the team's first karuta tournament, Chihaya narrowly and triumphantly takes the last card from The Ace on Hokuo's karuta team. As soon as she finishes the match, she collapses like usual, but all of the other team members cheer because Chihaya just lead their team to victory, and they all pull together in a group hug around Chihaya.
  • Just when Chihaya begins to get depressed about how her parents seem to only be paying attention to her older sister and her thriving modeling career and aspirations to become an actress, she comes home to find right beside the seven picture albums of her sister is her own album with the clippings about her recent wins at a karuta tournament. After realizing that her parents really do care about her, she breaks down in happy tears as soon as her parents come home.
  • Ms. Miyauchi gives each of the members tasuki in order to tie up their hakama sleeves during the second Tokyo finals, making it easier for them to move. Chihaya realizes that while Ms. Miyauchi doesn't know much about karuta, she cares about all the club members, and she along with the rest of her teammates give Ms. Miyauchi a deep bow of respect before they begin their match.