Awesome / CatDog

  • CatDog winning against the Greasers in a surfing contest. It's particularly awesome for Cat, who managed to overcome his fear of water (in a psychedelic scene, no less!) and become "one with the surf". And there's even a musical number afterwards at a party thrown in their honor!
  • The CatDog wheel.
  • Cat completely losing it and destroying everyone in "Monster Truck Folly". Up to 11 when he destroys the Greasers' truck by PUNCHING IT!
  • The end of "Brother's Day." Winslow tried to set up a "Gift of the Magi" Plot, with Cat selling his luffa sponge to buy Dog a mud-wrestling costume and Dog selling the mud from his ring. However, instead of the luffa carrying case, Dog bought Cat a mud-wrestling costume, too. After Winslow expresses disappointment over this turn of events, Cat and Dog don their costumes and tag-team him as payback.
    Dog: Looks like it's curtains for the little blue guy!
  • Cat's prank in "Kooky Prank Day," which is so complex (involving an alien invasion and robots) that to pull it off perfectly is awesome in and of itself.
  • Dog defeating the antagonistic, Smug Snake mailman who taunted him and called him a slowpoke.
  • Dog saving a herd of sheep (as well as Cat who disguised himself as one) from being sent to the slaughterhouse.
  • In an attempt to try and get rid of Lola, CatDog hires the Greaser Dogs to beat her up. What ends up happening is the Greasers themselves getting pounded.
    Cat: That was... Unbelievable!
  • The fight scene in CatDog Candy.