Recap: CatDog

This is a list of episodes from the series CatDog, which ran from April 4, 1998 to June 15, 2005 with 65 episodes and a TV movie.

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    Season One 
  1. Dog Gone / All You Can't Eat
  2. Flea or Die! / CatDog Food
  3. The Island / All You Need is Lube: CatDog gets stranded on a traffic island; When CatDog saves Lube from a tick (which the Greasers fear), Lube feels he owes them his life and becomes their servant.
  4. Shriek Loves Dog / Work Force
  5. Diamond Fever / The Pet
  6. Party Animal / Mush, Dog, Mush!
  7. Armed and Dangerous / Fistful of Mail
  8. Pumped / Dummy Dummy
  9. Squirrel Dog / Brother's Day
  10. Escape from the Deep End / The Collector
  11. Full Moon Fever / War of the CatDog
  12. CatDog's End / Siege on Fort CatDog
  13. Safety Dog / Dog Come Home!
  14. Nightmare / CatDogPig: CatDog fear that the monster from a horror film they saw is real and in their house; To make sure they can agree on things, CatDog induct increasing numbers of people onto their body.
  15. New Neighbors / Dead Weight
  16. Neferkitty / Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat
  17. Home Is Where the Dirt Is / New Leash on Life
  18. Just Say CatDog Sent Ya / Dog's Strange Condition
  19. Smarter Than the Average Dog / CatDog Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Cat tries to make Dog smarter, but finds that as Dog gets smarter, he gets dumber; When CatDog seems to have left, their enemies celebrate, but soon find they actually kind of miss them.
  20. All About Cat / Trespassing

    Season Two 
  1. Send in the CatDog / Fishing for Trouble / Fetch
  2. The Lady is a Shriek / Dog the Mighty
  3. Hail the Great Meow Woof / Battle of the Bands
  4. Adventures in Greaser Sitting / The Cat Club / Cat Diggety Dog: CatDog have to babysit Cliff's niece, and when she gets lost, have to get her back; Cat disguises Dog as a cat to go to a new club that's cats-only; In this vaudevillian musical number, CatDog sing about how they live together.
  5. Fred the Flying Fish / CatDog Divided
  6. The Unnatural / Dog Ate It / Dopes on Slopes
  7. Spaced Out / Nine Lives
  8. Dem Bones / Winslow's Home Videos / You're Fired
  9. Showdown at Hole 18 / Sneezie Dog
  10. Climb Every CatDog / The Canine Mutiny
  11. It's a Wonderful Half-Life / Shepherd Dog
  12. Surfin' CatDog / Guess Who's Going to Be Dinner!
  13. The House of CatDog / CatDog Campers
  14. Let the Games Begin! / Winslow Falls in Love
  15. Dog Power / It's a Jungle in Here!
  16. Sumo Enchanted Evening / Hotel CatDog
  17. Rodeo CatDog / Teeth for Two
  18. Sweet and Lola / Rich Shriek, Poor Shriek
  19. CatDogula: In the show's Halloween Special, Dog is bitten by a Peruvian vampire tick, and Cat must find the cure.
  20. Remain Seated / CatDog Catcher
  21. Talking Turkey
  22. A Very CatDog Christmas
  23. Shriek on Ice / No Thanks for the Memories
  24. Extra! Extra! / CatDog Squared
  25. CatDog 3001 / Cloud Bursting
  26. Royal Dog / Springtime for CatDog
  27. A Dog Ate My Homework / The End
  28. Cliff's Little Secret / Freak Show
  29. Fire Dog / Dog Show
  30. The Geekers / The Golden Hydrant
  31. Lube in Love / Picture This
  32. Stunt CatDog / Greasers in the Mist
  33. Doo Wop Diggety / CatDogumentary
  34. Kooky Prank Day / Back to School

    Season Three 
  1. Monster Truck Folly / CatDog's Gold
  2. Silents Please / Gorilla My Dreams
  3. Seeing Eye Dog / Beware of Cliff
  4. Rinky Dinks / Hypno-Teased
  5. CatDog Candy / Movin' On Up
  6. New Cat in Town / CatDog's Booty
  7. Harasslin' Match / Dog the Not-So-Mighty
  8. Cat Gone Bad / The Old CatDog and the Sea
  9. Cone Dog / The Ballad of Ol' 159
  10. Mean Bob, We Hardly Knew Ye / CatDog in Winslowland
  11. Vexed of Kin / Meat, Dog's Friends: When CatDog's parents visit, Cat thinks they like Dog better than him; In the Series Finale, Dog goes insane when he realizes that meat is made from animals - and all his friends are animals.

    The Movie 
  1. CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery: In this pseudo-Series Finale, CatDog go on an epic journey to find their parents.