Awesome / Bring It On

From the first film:
  • All of the Clovers' routines.
  • The Toros' routine at the championship. It's also nice to see them do an original routine instead of copying others'. Also the mix used in these routines are awesome.
  • Missy is introduced wearing a fake Faith tattoo then pulls off a athletic routine worthy of a Slayer. Hell of an Establishing Character Moment.
  • Torrance trying to do the right thing and pay for the Clovers to go. She's shot down right away, accused of trying to give them guilt money, but it's admirable that she tried to do the right thing for a group of people that threatened to beat her up recently.
    • The fact that Isis turns her down is one on its own. The Clovers were depending on her for this to be their year, their chance to get to nationals. Instead of taking the sure thing that (regardless of Torrance's motives) would feel like guilt money or charity, she turns it down, sticks to their plan of writing to Pauletta (an Oprah-like talk show host who had come from the Clovers' neighborhood) for an endorsement. Then, to top it off, cements the fact that she gets that Torrance is actually trying to do the right thing by them after years of Big Red stealing the Clovers routine for the Toros, and tells Torrance that they both need to bring their A-game to the finals. You can almost see the change in their relationship to friendly rivals.

From the fourth film:
  • All else aside, that "duelling roller coasters" stunt is really cool.