Headscratchers / Bring It On

  • Okay, so the East Compton Clovers refuse a sponsorship from Torrance's dad, but will accept it from the corporate sponsors of Pauletta Patton, even though they probably aren't much different from Torrance's dad's company.
    • One of the other squad members brings this up while they're writing the letter. Isis justifies it by saying that Pauletta is from their neighborhood, so it doesn't count.
      • Most likely it was because the help came from the enemy.
    • Also, it must feel pretty patronizing for the poor and (mostly) black Clovers to accept money from rich white folks. As Isis points out, they don't want charity, they want to make it to the finals through own effort. Writing Pauletta Patton is their own idea and their own effort, so getting the money through her is not the same as getting it from Torrance.
    • And this year in particular, the Clovers had made it that far on their own. Accepting money from Torrance might have felt tainted. Of course the real question is would Isis have accepted the money if Pauletta hadn't helped them?
  • The Toros REALLY dodged a bullet by hiring Sparky, yet it seems that EVERYONE gets pissed at Torrance. If the team had stuck with the original, stolen, choreography, it would have been just them and the Clovers doing the same routine, setting off a whole investigation about WHY, and possibly ending in disqualification and even the NCA taking back some of the trophies. As it was, the school lucked out and became just another victim in a scam ring. Yet no one notices this
    • Not surprising; all the other cheerleaders on the squad were characterized as less than intelligent, so they probably didn't think this through.
    • Well, technically it was still her fault that they got suckered by a scam artist. I guess they were mad that Torrance didn't check the guy out more thoroughly before hiring him. If she had hired a legitimate choreographer the plan would have worked perfectly. They dodged a bullet to be sure, but I guess their thinking was that if Torrance had done better research the bullet would never have fired in the first place (if that makes any sense).
    • The expression 'shit rolls downhill'. Torrance hired the guy, so she had full responsibility.
  • Alright it's been years since i have seen this movie and i just noticed that the Toro's won previously with the Clovers routine at nationals. but the Clovers finally get to come to Nationals and they aren't accused of stealing Toro's routine? of course i'm assuming the clovers came up with something new or writers didnt think of it at the time.
    • The Clovers were creating original routines every year to use at games, but the Toros would come and steal it and use it in competitions. Both squads recycled their previous years routines for their own games, while practicing their competitive routine in secret.
    • Really the Clovers were lucky that Torrence wasn't as evil as Big Red, because without any concrete evidence what would stop the Toros from claiming that it was their routine that was stolen? Hate to say it, but who would the officials most likely believe? The affluent five time national champions, or the ghetto squad who appeared to come out of nowhere with an award winning routine?
  • One thing that continues to confuse me about this movie. Did none of the parents from the Clovers school record their cheers during games? If I'm remembering correctly Big Red only stole the routines by recording them as they did their halftime show. So if the Clovers wanted to prove that their routines were being stolen couldn't they just check the timestamps of the recording of their routine versus whenever the Toros did theirs?
    • East Compton is in a poor area of California, with an average household income less than half of the national average. Video cameras at the time were still rather expensive, especially in a poor neighborhood.
    • And the concept of having camcorders still hadn't caught on to a lot of people yet. In those days if you had a video, you'd have to go somewhere to get it processed to a cassette tape for home viewing. It wasn't until several years later that they made video processing easier by taking it off an SD card in the camera. It's not like today where nearly everyone has a smart phone with a camera built into it.