Heartwarming / Bring It On

  • Whitney's reaction to her little sister Jamie's cheerleader tryout performance. Whitney initially puts Jamie up for Carver's spot because Jamie is light enough to easily toss and wouldn't complain. Still, everyone is so supportive of her (except Torrance, who wants to find someone with cheerleading credentials) that the scene is kind of sweet. Especially considering the main characters are usually pretty alpha bitchy.
  • The East Compton Clovers winning the Championship at the end of the first film. Seriously, they deserved to win after having their routines stolen by the Toros for FIVE YEARS! Not to mention that after the announcement that the Toros won second place happened, everybody on the Toros looked slightly upset, until Courtney, arguably the bitchiest girl on the squad, is the first to shout "Second Place, Hell Yeah!" Even Courtney became a Graceful Loser by the end.