Awesome / Brick

  • Brendan versus Chuck Burns. Brendan gets a surprise attack from Chuck, an older guy armed with a knife. Brendan flees, running fast and creating obstacles so that he gets a good distance between them. He then turns round a corner, takes off his shoes and listens for Chuck's approach. Brendan then slides across the floor, tripping Chuck and knocking him out on a pole.
  • Brendan beating Jerk Jock Brad in the parking lot fistfight. Completely outclassed by the football player, Brendan fights very dirty. He smacks Brad in the face when the latter turns to face and fight him, he delivers two brutal kicks to Brad's leg when he's been decked, and Brandon wins by uppercutting Brad when the jock leaves thinking he's beaten Brandon.
  • Emily's breakup with Brendan. Yes, we feel sorry for him, but it's more than fair for her to want to live her own life, and it clearly takes a hell of a lot of courage on her part.
  • Brendan at the climax taking down the Pin, Tug and Laura by planting evidence.