Awesome / Beyond: Two Souls

  • In "Hunted", Jodie and Aiden pass a heavily armed police roadblock - by forming a bulletproof energy field and busting right through, sending men, barriers and SWAT vans flying.
    • Right after that, Jodie's motorcycle gets shot out from under her in Bakertown and she hurts her leg. Surrounded by a full SWAT team, complete with snipers and a helicopter, Jodie realizes she's hit the Godzilla Threshold and gives Aiden free reign. What he does is partially up to the player, but the results are terrifyingly spectacular. To wit: flinging entire automobiles at the assembled cops, possessing a sniper and taking out his teammates, unhooking a nozzle at a gas station and tossing in a live grenade, running a SWAT van into a gun shop, bringing down a nearby church's bell tower and finally, possessing the helicopter's pilot and crashing the damn thing into the street.
    • All capped off with what she says to the only survivor.
    Jodie: Tell them to leave me the fuck alone, because next time... I'll kill EVERYONE.
  • The Mugging the Monster scene in "Homeless". Four Jerkass bullies with a baseball bat and a video camera decide to beat up the defenseless, homeless Stan For the Lulz. Jodie, who has recieved CIA hand-to-hand combat training, intervenes. Firmly. The fight is made all the more satisfying by the fact that the entire thing gets recorded on the thugs' own camera.
    Stan: How did you do that?
    Jodie: I... I learned how to fight in the army.
    Stan: Yeah, but there was four of them, 'gainst one of you.
    Jodie: Four assholes. They did not know how to fight.
    • In the same chapter, saving everyone from the fire.
  • In "Welcome to the CIA", during the last training session, where Jodie is up against armed soldiers, she effectively uses cover, take-downs and Aiden to bring down every one of them, but the awesome part happens when she reaches the end flag.
    Ryan: "Not bad, Jodie [puts a gun to her head], but if this wasn't an exercise, you'd be dead by now."
    Jodie: "If this wasn't an exercise, you wouldn't even be able to open your big mouth, Ryan."
    Cue an Aiden-possessed soldier pointing a rifle at Ryan's back.
  • No matter what choice Jodie makes regarding on what to do about the teens that bullied her at the birthday party. While taking revenge on the teens is the obvious example, and the most common choice for many reasons, by choosing to walk away despite how horribly she was treated Jodie displays a sense of self-control that is nothing short of awesome.
  • In "Black Sun", when Ryan punched the CIA General who was going to leave Jodie in a vegetative state like he did with her mother:
    Ryan: Consider that my resignation.
    • And the best part? The endings show that he got away with it! That's right, he violated direct orders from his top superior in combat situation and assaulted him, and nothing happened to him.
  • The very ending of the game, no matter which choice you make. Just when you think the game has come to its conclusion, there's one final scene. Amidst darkness and lightning, accompanied by a quiet voice-over monologue, Jodie and/or Zoey make their way across a devastated, rubble-strewn landscape. They clear a ridge, and we slowly get to see what they're facing: a swirling, pitch-black, massive rift in the middle of a ruined city, swarming with dark entities. Cut to black. Cue the credits.
  • In "Black Sun" where Aiden must show Cole and Ryan where Jodie is being held captive. Aiden's too weak at that moment to help Jodie himself, and instead breaks glass panels, nudges desks, and opens elevator doors to show them where to go. He even changes an electronic sign to read 'This way — >'. It's such a clever part of the game, both in game and gameplay wise.
  • Jodie's "Aggressive" response to Ryan when they're sent on a mission together. When it comes to Jodie's relationships, she and Aiden don't tend to be on the same page, but if you've had enough of Ryan's bullshit, it is immensely satisfying to see them present a united front to show him that they are not to be trifled with.
    • The same can be said if Jodie chooses to fight back against Ryan more or less trying to kidnap her in "Separation". The only reason he doesn't get his head ripped off is because Nathan himself talks her down.
  • If the player chooses to, they can lock Jodie out of her apartment when she's getting ready for her date. Jodie actually manages to possess Aiden and force the issue.
  • Aiden manages to fight off and kill the entities attacking Jodie on her first night at the institute, taking a level in badass in the process.
    Jodie: It's okay. Aiden's not scared of them anymore.